Meet the Monsters

…and designers, developers, marketers, team players, technologists, strategists, and artists. More than any of that, our clients call us partners. Our work runs the gamut, but each project shares a commitment to getting it right and trying something new.

Statistically Speaking

10 out of 9 clients agree that SeaMonster Studios does web, design, and brand work. Clearly our clients get plenty of sleep and eat plenty of vitamin rich foods.

We Return Phone Calls

If you call, we’ll call you back. It’s pretty simple, but we like simple when it comes to communicating — and we think others do too. C'mon, we dare you to give it a try.

We've logged 1,000 Miles

We work standing up. Darn right. Our treadmill desks keep us upright, on the move and the blood flowing to the brain. We've logged hundreds of miles for our clients.

Step right up.

Our clients span a wide range of head-counts, structures, industries, and goals. But rest assured, we aren’t everything for everybody. We’re a cutting edge digital agency for clients that want fresh creative and like impressing their bosses*.

*If you are the boss, we want you to impress yourself too. It’s important.

Small & Medium Businesses

Your brand tells your story—sharing with the world what makes you special. From brochure sites, landing pages, and e-commerce to packaging design and custom illustration, we collaborate to support your marketing efforts and connect with your customers.

Large Enterprises

We’re comfortable with third-party integrations, multiple vendors, and a room full of stakeholders.

Design Firms

We’re a full service integrated agency, offering design and development. But, we also love collaborating with other firms on projects for our clients.